John C. H. Chiang

Professor and Graduate Advisor, Department of Geography

(also affiliated with the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center)

University of California, Berkeley



address and email

547 McCone Hall

University of California

Berkeley CA 94720-4740

Last updated:  April 3, 2019

My research group focuses on the climate dynamics of the global atmosphere and its interactions with the ocean and land systems.  We work on both contemporary and paleoclimate research questions, and with a focus on understanding mechanisms of rainfall changes.  I am particularly interested in how the large-scale climate reorganized in past climates, and with an eye towards understanding the same for the future. 

A sampling of papers reflecting current research interests can be found here. I welcome research inquiries from prospective graduate students and postdocs, and undergrads with quantitative backgrounds.

I also currently serve as the co-Editor in Chief for the Journal of Climate